ACT, Inc. ("ACT") is committed to maintaining score integrity and a level playing field for all examinees on any of ACT's tests. For these reasons, we have established this Test Security Hotline so that our test takers, test administrators, score users, other customers and vendors can raise questions or report any test-related concerns in a confidential manner.

You should use the Test Security Hotline to report:

  • Cheating and questionable test behavior on any of ACT's tests (such as copying answers or using prohibited electronic devices during testing (like cell phones or tablets));
  • Accessing questions prior to the test;
  • Taking photos or making copies of test questions or test materials;
  • Posting test questions on the internet; or
  • Test proctor or test administrator misconduct (such as providing answers or questions to test takers or permitting test takers to engage in prohibited conduct during testing).

Do not use the Test Security Hotline to report emergency situations. Reports submitted through the system may not be received or answered immediately. In case of an emergency, please call 911 or the appropriate local authorities.

Do not use the Test Security Hotline to report fraud or questionable accounting practices, such as theft, embezzlement, and misuse of ACT assets unrelated to cheating on a test. Do not use the Test Security Hotline to report corporate ethics and compliance issues, such as conflicts of interest, violations of ACT policies, and compliance with applicable laws. These matters should be reported through ACT's Ethics and Compliance Reporting System.

To protect your ability to report anonymously, we have engaged an independent, third-party company, NAVEX, to provide these web-based and toll-free reporting system options. While it is extremely helpful to ACT to have your name and contact information in the event we need your help with our investigation, you may choose to remain anonymous when you submit your question or concern. After submission, you will be assigned a unique case identification number and password so you may periodically check the status of your report and provide additional information requested by us.

Notice: This web page is hosted by NAVEX and is not part of ACT's websites or intranet.


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  • Respond to follow-up questions/comments
  • Provide additional information